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The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood, By Stephanie Greenhalgh

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You're going to love this idea…taking a well known fairy tale and bringing it in to the modern world, all while keeping the magic alive.  Author Stephanie Greenhalgh is no stranger to writing novels…several under her belt already, this new series called the Ruby Hood Series has book two in the wings.  She also has a series titled The Precious Gems Series, where each book is about another pair of "sassy gemmed" shoes as the leading thread.  In If The Silver Slippers Fit, Stephanie and her writing partner on this particular series, Jennifer Paquette, build a new story about Glinda the Good Witch…bringing her to NYC, so I would say it's definitely their own twist on a classic character.
Please enjoy this very candid and in-depth interview with Stephanie…it's a good read!

Print Length: 200 pages
Publisher: Write More Publications; first edition (September 26, 2013)
Genre: Paranormal, fantasy, fairy tales


1. Okay, first of all…GREAT cover on this book, the snow burst, very nice touch. I was really drawn to it and loved Ruby being blond for some strange reason.  

Thank you! I knew it was perfect the moment I saw it!
So this is a really interesting concept Stephanie, taking well known “tales” and bringing them into the modern world.  How did this idea transform?

I knew that I wanted to write something based on a fairy tale, but I had no idea which one or how to start. I used my daily walks with my Labs to brainstorm. (I’m sure I was an absolutely hysterical sight, while talking to myself as ideas rattled around in my head.)  Very quickly, I decided on “Little Red Riding Hood” and Ruby Hood was born. Of course, Ruby needed a Grandmother, so Grams was created. There can’t be a Red Riding Hood without wolf, or two. As Ken, Kassandra, Kent and Kayla Wolf all formed in my mind, I figured a family of wolves would add an interesting element. Finally, I needed a Huntsman, and again, I knew one wouldn’t be able to handle all the problems I intended to create in Woodsville, so I fashioned a father and son duo: Jared and Dylan Hunter. Once they all had names, faces and personalities, the story flowed. It does have certain parallels with the traditional tale, but I like to think I put my own unique spin on it. The whole process, from start to finish, was a cool ride.

2. What is it about the Paranormal, Magic, and Fairy Tales that takes you to the places you go with it?

I like to believe there is an element of magic out there and the impossible can happen. I enjoy creating enchanted worlds for my stories to unfold and entertain people (at least, I hope I entertain people). 

3.  So how did a Midwestern girl end up in Vegas of all places, and does it bring anything different to your writing?

Illinois to Vegas? What a long strange trip it’s been! My writing is absolutely influenced by all of my experiences. I believe wholeheartedly that the choices I’ve made (good, bad and indifferent) have molded me into the person I have become (the good, the bad and the indifferent). Had I taken a different path and made different choices, I may not have arrived here yet, or ever. Many of my main characters are pieces of me at different times in my life. Just as bits and snippets of the people I know, or have met along the way, also show up in my other characters. And let me tell you, you meet some interesting folks traveling from Illinois to Vegas via Florida, Mexico and Arizona!

4.  I know this is not your first published work...the Silver Slippers, which sounds like a really fun read as well, is a take off on Glinda the good witch, however, you had a partner on that series.  How exactly does that work?  Do you dialog back and forth, or write individual characters?  I’m intrigued.

Slippers was so much fun from start to finish! My writing partner is the insanely talented and charming Jennifer Paquette. We met at a mutual family member’s party, and within moments, we realized we had some wicked weirdness in common. We began writing, critiquing, sharing, and discussing EVERYTHING writing. Soon we’d compiled a vault of ideas, anecdotes and stories. One day, we decided to do something with two of them. Most of our correspondence was via email since she lives in NYC and I live in Vegas. To start, we would send each other our stories and email notes. Then we’d critique the other’s (usually in pink). Originally, we had two completely different stories, but after multiple character, setting, and storyline overhauls, we connected the two main characters and added the common element of the Silver Slippers. After that, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and “If the Silver Slippers Fit…” took shape.

The first story, Glinda, follows a teenage Glinda after she stumbles through a portal and lands on a NYC subway, losing her sister’s favorite Silver Slippers. She must weave her way through a crazy and unfamiliar land, get the Silver Slippers and get back home before her sister realizes the shoes have gone missing. Along the way, she comes in contact with many colorful elements of NYC.

In the second story, Giselle, we fast forward 20-something years into the life of Glinda’s youngest daughter, Giselle, who has made some bad choices (in the name of young love, of course). As a consequence, she has been banished to Vegas as punishment. With only days left on her exile, all hell breaks loose, but thankfully she gets her hands on those Silver Slippers.

“If the Silver Slippers Fit…” is the first in the Precious Gems Series, where sassy gemmed shoes are the common thread. And yes, there are other sassy gemmed shoes!

5. You have a Masters in Education, were you ever a teacher at all, or does a Masters in Ed mean something else that I’m not aware of?

This is my 8th year teaching. I teach fourth grade writing to approximately 90 kids. Teaching writing is a blast, although the grading of 90 essays/stories/assignments is an absolute bear. My standards are pretty high, but being a published author certainly gives me an edge. I love my job and I know how insanely lucky I am to be able to say that!

6. I’m guessing you’re on a roll with the fairy tale theme, it’s a really unique way to twist up a story and make it your own and what’s lining up in the queue right now?

I am working on the next Ruby Hood, where we will meet my version of Snow White and Robin Hood. Some of the unanswered questions in book one will get answered, and of course, I’ll create some more mayhem in Woodsville. 

Jennifer Paquette and I are also rolling around ideas for the next segment in the Precious Gems Series. 

And of course, I have several WIP (works in progress) I would love to get off the back burner and finish.

7. And finally, the dedication...”To anyone who has ever had the courage to try something new”....what does that mean to you?

When we test ourselves and push ourselves to the limit, we find out what we are truly made of. To keep growing and changing and becoming better, we have to learn new things, step outside of our comfort zone, get scared, feel nervous, try something new…it’s takes great courage to do this at any level, and I completely respect that. 

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Bio: Even though she currently lives in Las Vegas, Stephanie Greenhalgh is a Midwestern girl through and through. As an avid reader and learner, literature and school are more of a passion than a hobby. This two time UNLV graduate has four published short stories: "Betula's Angst", "Duality", "Angel 101", and "The Twistedly True Nightmare of Ruby Hood", all featured in anthologies. Her first novel, "The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood", was released in October 2013. And her first self publication, "If the Silver Slippers Fit..." debuted January 2014.



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