Thursday, February 5, 2015

Share the Love Blog Hop

So here's a new twist on the book blog hop….We're Sharing the Love this week and surprise bombing bloggers and authors we adore with a little love! Hop by all of the blogs for chances to win great prizes at each stop and find out which authors and bloggers we think are so darn special! …'s that for sharing the love!

Once again, our incomparable hostess with the mostess, Anna, from Herding Cats and Burning Soup has  outdone herself with this one.

And my gift for one person who hits the follow on both  blog and twitter for one of these amazing blogs/authors, is your pick of one of their books…just let me know who you choose, and why, and what your book pick is, and leave a comment with your email and voila!  Gift two and three will be an ebook to two other winners who do the same.

So here are my five top favorites today….hope you discover for yourself why they make the cut!

(just click on the name of the blog or person to link…or the word here in some cases)

Number One on my list of favorites is YA Fantasy/Adventure Author Kristen Taber.  Her Aerenden Series is making some waves.  She was nominated for several Indie awards this past year for the first book in the series, The Child Returns.  I, myself, could not put this book down, it grabs you instantly and finishes with some strong emotion.  I suggest you take a look for yourself, you won't be disappointed.  Here's a post we did that has a pretty extensive synopsis into all three books, check it out.  Kristen is currently working on the fourth book.

Number Two belongs to one of my old standards, Stephanie Greenhalgh blog or web…check out both, they're very different... who was one of the first authors I ever interviewed, check out that post here, it's a really great insight into the Author.  She gives us a great paranormal ya twist on an old standard in the first of the series…The Truly Twisted Tale of Ruby Hood…again, another fun read that is inventive and well written.

Number Three is not not an author, however, I visit this blog on a regular basis…that's because they are so utterly informative and keep up with both books and movies on a daily basis.  GREAT sense of humor and cleverly written posts…you won't be disappointed following this dynamic duo known as
I Smell Sheep…I know…but it works!  They cover all genre's of story and are right on top of their game…sign up to follow them!!

Number Four and Five…here's a gal I met on Wordpress through a bunch of guys over at Prose Before Ho Hos…which I'm shamelessly adding into this round.  They are all guys, they write flash fiction, weird wild west zombie stuff that is freaking awesome…and I'm not even into zombies..but the stuff is so well written it's mind boggling. A monthly serial called Whiskey and Wheelguns,  you may remember I did a book cover for one of the authors, Alex Nadar,(visit his personal site)  see the cover here…and here's a link to his new novella combining the four monthly installments of Possessed, which I highly recommend ...that and they write articles about the male perspective in writing, very fun and extremely well written.…but we're here because of Jessica West…you've just got to go over and meet her to see why I follow on a regular basis…she's an amazing writer,  great witty stuff…she does several genres, flash fiction as well, works with the boys at Prose,  however, she and her partner Pavarti K. Tyler were just signed to Hot Ink Press, in case you're wondering, yes, its everything you think it is…and if you follow Herding Cats, then this new series is bound to "tie up" your interest…yes, I made a pun…it's called SIN EATERS…so head on over can't go wrong with either of these blogs.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Viola Carr's Top Five Weird and Wacky Steampunk Subgenres

Great post today from I Smell Sheep…any interest in Steampunk, here's a couple cleaver and hopefully good choices…click the link below…tallyho!

Amazon link

Sunday, February 1, 2015



Just finished reading the first book in the Annum Guard Series from Meredith McCardle…The Eighth Guardian.  I can not say enough good things about this bookI simply could not put it downhoping book two picks up where the first one left offif you love a good time travel, espionage, ya leadthen this is your storyenjoy!

Here is my review on Goodreads and Amazonlink to home page of author blog and  GRs Annum Guard Series.

"AH-MAZE-ING!! Loved every second of this book…couldn't put it down! Interesting premise, believable, GREAT lead character…some stereotypical side characters, however, they work to perfection…the story is wonderful, the writing top notch…I have nothing negative to say about this book…can not WAIT to get my hands on book two! Now I just need to replace my ebook with the actual book to add to my library…love it! Well done Meredith!"