Sunday, February 1, 2015



Just finished reading the first book in the Annum Guard Series from Meredith McCardle…The Eighth Guardian.  I can not say enough good things about this bookI simply could not put it downhoping book two picks up where the first one left offif you love a good time travel, espionage, ya leadthen this is your storyenjoy!

Here is my review on Goodreads and Amazonlink to home page of author blog and  GRs Annum Guard Series.

"AH-MAZE-ING!! Loved every second of this book…couldn't put it down! Interesting premise, believable, GREAT lead character…some stereotypical side characters, however, they work to perfection…the story is wonderful, the writing top notch…I have nothing negative to say about this book…can not WAIT to get my hands on book two! Now I just need to replace my ebook with the actual book to add to my library…love it! Well done Meredith!"

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