Saturday, May 22, 2010


Just wanted you to know that things are moving right along with the book....tee shirts had a slight set back but should be available in children's boutique's by the end of the month that is.  However, I do have some prototypes of children 100% cotton baby rib fitted tees available of Mathilda that are just plain, no embellishments, like polka dot bows and the logo embroidered on the back, etc... if anyone is interested...keep the whimsey me

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moving Forward!

I wanted to update on what is happening with Benjamin McTish and his friends.
We have FINALLY begun printing tee shirts as we speak.  It was a way bigger job than I had imagined, but the two we are starting out with are going to be very sweet indeed...little Mathilda's face just make  me feel good!  What can I say...
And the book is coming right along.  I am searching out the perfect agent, and I believe I may have found one. I decided the book is too big a job for just one person, so an agent will get me to the publisher way  easier than I ever could.  And I think I am going to pursue illustrating as a side there you have's McTish update....have a happy, magical day...juner