Welcome to Thornton Berry Shire Press, the official home of the Benjamin McTish Series.

It took some time to settle into what it was I wanted from this blog and now it's feeling comfy here with a specific direction.

Obviously I wish to promote my own series, that's a given, however, being a writer of YA fantasy has shown me just how difficult it is to find that target audience, because most people between the ages of 12 and 18 do not have a blog.  And any 10-11 year olds wouldn't even imagine searching through blogs to find something to read.  So it's their parents that need to find literary works that would appeal to their kids.  It's very challenging to find someone who will read/review mg/ya fantasy and have the followers to share with to make any kind of difference.  And in my experience, most book blogs are either authors looking to expand their own audience and really don't care if their spotlight of your book reaches any of their followers or not, they simply want the exposure for themselves…or, they are readers of books…and almost all are adult driven literature, or if they do take on YA, it's always romance.   Most are into the Vampire/Werewolf/Zombie, or the dark sexy paranormal vein…this is huge.

I am not judging these types of work, it's just not what we're looking for here.  We truly wish to bring the feeling of magic and hope back into entertainment, giving our kids something to dream upon.    Magic, good old fashion magic, without all the gruesomeness of over the top violence or psychological darkness mixed in with a love triangle for 14 year olds…or 17 year olds for that matter.

It's my intention to grow this blog to encompass all that is YA Fantasy.  To be the "go to" blog for anyone looking for this genre, with top in the field of good works of fantasy.  We'll keep scanning the internet and book stores for appealing work/authors and introduce you to these talented writers and illustrators. From time to time there will be events…like our Annual YA Fantasy Global Hop.  In the meantime I've added my own personal reviews of other work into the mix as well, so loads to offer here.

It's been lovely sharing what, and who, we are here at Thornton Berry Shire Press….and as always, let's Keep the Magic Alive!


  1. June it's great to read all your advice about becoming self published and I would say you are an inspiration to others that you took the leap. What you did crossed my mind but I can only imagine the hours you must put in to get a result back. I myself am writing my third book and time is so hard to find. I wish you all the best with your business and I hope it lifts right off the ground.


    1. Oh wow! how great to hear back from you…I meant what I said..I'm going to host your book again with that great blurb! thx for the support…good luck to you as well.