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Charlotte's Library: Heartstone, by Elle Katharine White

Charlotte's Library: Heartstone, by Elle Katharine White: Heartstone , by Elle Katharine White (Harper Voyager, January 2017), has an incredibly catchy premise--Pride and Prejudice with dragons!  ...

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Into Shadow
by T.D. Shields


From Goddess Fish Promotions today's Book Blast
Into Shadow, by T.D. Shields, a YA Dystopian.
The author will be awarding the first book (ebook) 
in three YA series: 
Into Shadow by TD Shields; 
Awaken by Michelle Bryan; 
and The Other Inheritance  by Rebecca Jaycox 
to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.
And right now you can purchase this book for .99!
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Enjoy the Blast!
(Isn't this a terrific cover!!)


She’s nineteen. The President’s daughter. They want her dead.

Poppy’s father may be the President of the North American Alliance, but that just makes her a target for those wishing to topple the regime.

Barely escaping with her life, she must travel across a country ravaged by war and climate change to seek safety amongst a people who only recently opposed her. There she must use every skill learned from her military upbringing to survive terrifying beasts, deadly plant life, and lawless gangs before finally finding a group willing to accept her.

But her peace soon proves to be illusory. It’s not only the government that wants her dead now.



We sped through the streets, taking turns recklessly fast as we tried to lose the bikes on our tails. As we flew around yet another corner, one of the bikes caught up to me and slapped into the back of my bike. It wasn’t a particularly hard collision, but it popped my bike loose from the mag-lev rail, and I went skidding sideways across the pavement. When the base of the bike hit the curb at the edge of the road, I was flung over the handlebars to land in a crumpled heap on the cracked sidewalk.

All I could do was lie there, staring blankly at a weed growing inches from my nose as I tried to catch my breath. From the corner of my eye I saw Sharra slow and look back, trying to decide if she could help me. Then she leaned low over the handlebars and shot off into the dark streets, leaving me behind.

A million small aches and pains made themselves known as I rolled slowly to my knees. I didn’t bother to get up any further than that. I was completely surrounded, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to move fast enough to break loose from all of these people and retrieve my downed bike. Instead, I waited in silence to see what would happen next and watched for an opportunity to escape.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

After writing stories in her head for the last 30+ years, Tara finally decided to take a stab at writing them down to share them with others.

Tara has a husband, 4 kids, and 5 cats to care for along with a full-time job and contract work on the side, so finding time to write is the biggest challenge. Since her most productive hours are from 12-5 a.m. anyway, Tara usually gives up sleep in favor of writing.

iBooks https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/into-shadow/id1200776828 

Kobo https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/into-shadow-4 

Tara’s social media:

Twitter handle @td_shields


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Hosted by Anna over at Herding Cats and Burning Soup, the 2017 reading challenge.  This year is busy with finishing my fourth book in the Benjamin McTish series and beginning a new stand alone novel.  Plus we're working on some home projects and barring any health concerns for my husband this year, I intend to keep my reading up!  I always plan for 25 books and don't quite make it, but I got somewhat closer this past year, so here's hoping I can get there this time!  Go 2017!!  Click the logo below to sign up...if this topic isn't to your liking she has several other titles for reading challenges..as well as blog challenges...it's really a good  site (click site to link) to follow along with.
So good luck with you reading this year...thx for following, TBSP.

New to Me

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Two Week Event...Valentine's Giveaway!

From Anna over at Herding Cats and Burning Soup...our first
 event this year here at Thornton Berry Shire Press.
Read through and follow the directions.  
This ought to be fun, its a terrific giveaway!

We're spreading some Valentine's Day love with a giveaway full of chocolate, books, and pretty things! 
To enter fill out the Rafflecopter then hit the comments and tell us about something YOU love. Your favorite author, book, or blog. Tell us about your true love, your kids, your best friend or your pets. Anything you love. We want to hear about what makes your heart full or just makes you smile.
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Charlotte's Library: Talons of Power, by Tui T. Sutherland

Charlotte's Library: Talons of Power, by Tui T. Sutherland: So I have been a fan of Tui T. Sutherland's Wings of Fire books since the first book in the series was just a newly hatched ARC....and...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Getting Back to Work...

So I really let things slide the last couple months of this year...too much going on with my husbands health...but we're out of the weeds now!  yay for us!  So now it's time to get back to work.  I still haven't finished book four in the Benjamin McTish series, which is back to it's daily place in my work schedule.  I plan to have this final book published this spring.  Then I will begin with a new, stand alone novel, that I have been thinking about for a while now...The Journey of Shi....working title, but will more than likely stick.

I'll be doing more work with some virtual book tours and reviews as much as possible and sharing all of this with you.  Will keep you posted with the sidebar calendar and twitter feed as necessary.

In the meantime, happy new year to everyone and good reading!!

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Charlotte's Library: The Creeping Shadow, by Jonathan Stroud

Charlotte's Library: The Creeping Shadow, by Jonathan Stroud: The Creeping Shadow , by Jonathan Stroud, is the fourth book about Lockwood and Co., about a group of kids fighting malevolent ghosts in a...

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Yes, I moved my author's blog to wordpress and I couldn't be happier...it's a blog solely dedicated to my work as an author.  You will find a perfectly displayed cover and synopsis of all books written by me...so please take a look, and follow along to keep up on my books and giveaways...thx for your support...June

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Charlotte's Library: Tell the Story To Its End, by Simon P. Clark

Can't wait to read this one...check it out!

Charlotte's Library: Tell the Story To Its End, by Simon P. Clark: I had not heard of Tell the Story To Its End, by Simon P. Clark (published in the UK in 2014 as Eren , published by St. Martin's Gri...

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Charlotte's Library: The First Last Day, by Dorian Cirrone, for Timesli...

This sounds like a really interesting, fun and sweet story to read...check it out for your young one!

Charlotte's Library: The First Last Day, by Dorian Cirrone, for Timesli...: The First Last Day , by Dorian Cirrone, is one of those time slip books where the clock resets every day.  In this case,  11-year-old Hale...

Charlotte's Library: The First Last Day, by Dorian Cirrone, for Timesli...

This sounds like a really interesting, fun and sweet story to read...check it out for your young one!

Charlotte's Library: The First Last Day, by Dorian Cirrone, for Timesli...: The First Last Day , by Dorian Cirrone, is one of those time slip books where the clock resets every day.  In this case,  11-year-old Hale...

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BITTERSWEET by Tyffani Clark Kemp

From Girls Heart Books an introduction to Bittersweet, Book One in the Kaveesh Series by Tyffani Clark Kemp.  For Mature YA's, a multi genre, dystopian sci-fi.  The book is due to release on October 15th...follow links for more information.

Title- Bittersweet
Series- The Kaveesh #1
By Tyffani Clark Kemp
Publication Date- October 15th

She'd reconciled her life without him. His return would be Bittersweet.

Welcome to Mother Cora’s, where the offspring of the Kaveesh learn to coexist with humans.
One hundred and twenty years ago, the Kaveesh came to Earth to save the dying planet from a disease that gorged itself on anything in its wake. Buildings crumbled to dust. Soil and plant life were consumed. Two-thirds of the Earth’s population perished.
The only thing the Kaveesh asked in return was to help save their dying race. Breeding programs began and the half-breeds were born.
Lirabel is a half-breed and an overachiever. Despite a few setbacks, she’s scheduled to graduate early from Mother Cora’s and become the Half-breed Ambassador to the Humans.

Enter Jonas. They were best friends until he broke her heart and disappeared five years ago. Now, he’s back, but Lirabel couldn’t care less. There are more important things to worry about…
Like finishing her last year of school and becoming ambassador. Or the half-bred students losing control of their Kaveesh strengths who are being sent into quarantine. Or how the breeding programs are still up and running.

And somehow, Jonas’ bittersweet return is connected to it all.


About the Author-
Tyffani Clark Kemp might be the quietest person in the room, but that just means she’s probably the biggest freak too. She is a multi-genre author with a gift for the written word and a desire to help all Indies reach their full potential. In 2012, she and her best friend Kimberly Fudge started SideStreet Cookie Publishing for authors who want to remain independent, but don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it all themselves. From the age of eleven she dedicated her life to writing and making sure she was good at her craft. Now, she passes that knowledge on to others. Her friends would describe her as determined and giving. She may be quiet, but she always has a story to tell.

Stalker Links-
Twitter- @tyffanickemp
Instagram- @tyffanickemp14

Join the Release Day Facebook Event- https://www.facebook.com/events/1836423023268591/

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THE DREAM WALKER, by Michelle Murray

The Dream Walker 
by Michelle Murray
From Goddess Fish Promotions, 
a new tour for the first book in 
the Land of Mystica Series, for MG, 
by Michelle Murray, The Dream Walker.
Michelle will be awarding all three books 
of the Land of Mystica Series to one 
lucky randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter 
during the tour.  Make sure to follow along with the
rest of the tour (here) and leave your comments.  The more
you leave, the better your chances of winning!  Enjoy the tour!

GENRE:  Middle grade fanstasy

Miranda is plagued by vivid dreams of a another world. A world of castles, forests, Ice Caves, and dragons. She goes to a bookstore to see why she is having these visions, and learns she is a Dream Walker. Miranda heeds the call of need, and travels to Mystica. For years, the wizards have been trapped in stone. Now, one curious boy has released Midnight. Midnight gathers an army, and prepares for war. Miranda needs to find the white wizard Lightning and free from his stone prison. Can Miranda free Lighting and save Mystica?


The spell book was worn and torn at places. It was musty and full of mildew. Yet, Midnight could make out one spell. This spell was all he needed. The spell trapped people’s souls in stones. 

Midnight traveled to Mystica looking for the ingredients for his spell. It made him giddy and somewhat impatient to have the spell he needed. Being impatient, he decided to travel in smoke form. It made for far faster journeying. A trail of  black smoke zipped through the air of Mystica. 

His first landing was a waterfall on the west side of the Dwarf  Mountains. Materializing into his wizard form, he landed softly on the crevice of the mountain. His smoke form would not help him here, so he was forced to travel the rest of the way on foot. Precariously, he made his way across the slippery rocks to the back of the waterfall. Blue water splashed his robe, face, and hands. The sound almost deafened him, and drowned out everything else. Levitating himself to the other side, he only managed to hit his head on the cliff. As he rubbed his head, he landed with a splash in the cool water. He swam, paddling madly with his arms to fight the currents to the cave at the end of the waterfall.  Climbing out of the water, he reached the sandy terrain of the ledge. He shook the water off his robe, and gathered five stones. One stone for each of the wizards he wanted to entrap. The stones were clear, almost opaque. They fit in the palm of his hand, and were smooth and round. Polished by the water. 

Triumph filled him! Mystica would be his! A laugh, maniac in nature, escaped his lungs. Morphing into cloud form, he continued on to the next ingredient. He needed fire flowers next. Fire flowers were flowers with orange petals and a red center. They had double petals that resembled the two suns on Mystica.   They grew on the heart of an island in the middle of Lily Lake. Lily Lake breamed with seaweed, algae, and green moss. It was more of a swamp than a lake. Fish swam beneath the green slime, often biting each other. The island itself had sharp green thorny plants all around the perimeter. In the very center, was a clearing with the fire flowers. Midnight came down from his smoke form on the island, snatching his robe on the thorny plants.  Blood trickled down his arm from the thorns. He barely noticed. The blood dripped down into the water, making the fish hungry. Grabbing his cape from its entanglement, he strode purposely forward. Ripping the fire flowers from their beds, he added them to his potion bag. Fish from the water jumped from the lake and started attaching him. Swarms of fish with sharp fang like teeth came toward him. They bit into his skin leaving red marks and spilling more blood. The blood called more and more fish from the water. Surrounded by attacking fish, Midnight said a spell:
Clouds of dark
Clouds of black
Take these fish back!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Michelle is a married working mother of two fine young men (her children). She lives in Wisconsin. When not writing, she enjoys reading especially science fiction/fantasy and classics.
Her favorite authors include Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Margaret Weiss, and Colleen Houck.
She also enjoys doing painting and crafts, and spending time with her family. She enjoys going for walks, and swimming. She has been known to jump in Lake Michigan with no life jacket!
She has been writing since high school. Michelle took a break from writing to concentrate on raising her children.
She has an app on her IPad that gives her a word of the day and poem of the day.

Twitter Tweet @#thedreamwalkerseries
Amazon:The Dream Walker
Amazon: The Dream Walker Returns
Barnes and Nobles: The Dream Walker
Barnes and Nobles: The Dream Walker Returns 
You tube the dream walker land of mystica series


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