Over the past two years I started reading more and more again, as was the norm for my past.  It wouldn't be unusual to find me reading for hours upon hours without interruption once engrossed in a good read.   However,  once you begin your own venture into writing, and writing a series at that, AND beginning a new family, time is precious, so little reading of other work was a part of my life for a few years.

Well, that changed up the summer before last and now I'm on a mad hunt, constantly looking for the next book to capture me and share with others.

I've had some luck with most of the work I've chosen to read this past year alone, finding new authors that make me want to go back and rethink my approach to writing..ha ha.  Seriously, there are some amazing writers out there, and wonderfully written characters of self-published work.   So I just began reading more and more and then writing reviews.  And it just hit me, why don't I offer my services to other authors,  I mean, since I'm reading anyway, it may as well be for someone who would like a review.

I'm all about the YA Fantasy, which shouldn't be a surprise.  I will read some MG, but I can't guarantee it will keep my interest to finish, but I will do my best.  What I will also do is let you know if I can not get into something as opposed to giving you a bad rating or worse, a DNF…I won't do this.  I mean seriously, what is the point of one star..or two for that matter?  Just forget about it and move on…that's best for everyone concerned.

I am not big at all on romance, however, if the story is based in say time travel, like the Annum Guard Series by Meredith McCardle, or the Seraphina Perrish Series by Michelle Warren, by all means, then count me in!  Some paranormal with, again, a good solid base in a young adult protagonist, like Stephanie Greenhalgh's The Truly Twisted Tale of Ruby Hood,  or something unique, like Gail Carriger's Finishing School Series…absolutely LOVE this series…love the Steampunk world and the different approach to the paranormal…so all of this is great.   I just cannot do the violent, deathly, evil paranormal stuff, like dark angels that kill each other…sorry.

Now, having said all of this, if you think you have something that may be fringy or bordering my preferences, but you feel strongly that you can change my mind, or give me something that will hold my attention and excite me, then go for it!  I'm always open to something different.   And in as much as I do enjoy adult literature as well, which actually filled most of my life, especially murder mysteries ( I know, complete opposite of what I  just said, but taste change.  I read all Steven King and Anne Rice…wouldn't do it now though, and absolutely no eroticism) but books like SJ Parkinson's Twinkle, great read by the way, five stars, totally caught my attention.  However, for purposes of what we are attempting to do here at Thornton Berry Shire Press…it's all about the YA Fantasy right now.

I will be honest, I will be considerate…I'm a writer after all, I know what it feels like to have harsh judgement, or misperceptions of your work…none of that here…If I had issues or irks, I'll write the review in such a way as to not be too detrimental to it's success….I'll do my best to promote your work.

If you are an author and interested in offering your book for review, please use the contact button on my sidebar, the one with the little envelope (I had too many issues with the contact form not working here, so out it went.  The email comes straight to me).  Any other questions, please feel free to contact me through the same email widget in the sidebar….thx for wishing to share your work with me, I'm honored to be of assistance.  June

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