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     Keep The Magic Alive
a   w  o  r l  d    o f   y a   f a n t a s  y
Global Blog Event Hop
 March 21st thru April 4th - 2014

Welcome to our Meet and Greet, 
our own version of a blog hop.  
This is about Keeping the Magic Alive.  
It’s important to me that our children remember how to dream and believe in magic.  The world is big and fast and somehow a lot, if not all, of the make believe has gone out of our daily lives.  
I believe that’s why Harry Potter struck such a deep cord.  It’s about friendship, hope, loyalty and MAGIC!  It dares us to dream that anything is still possible. Young readers need to feel the magic and believe it can change their lives...that they are not alone in their thoughts, that the characters in the books we are writing for them can become their friends, their solace, their inspiration.

Pressed Leaf Publishing is hosting this Event for 
the reasons above and for these reasons below.
Let’s meet other Authors, other lovers of YA Fantasy.  
Let’s sincerely meet someone new, another person on the Planet that has a Passion for the same thing you do.  Someone you can relate to.  Someone you may not have met had you not taken a moment to stop and look around their world and find out who they are and what they are dreaming of today.  Someone who may inspire you... if only by being a friend.
And secondly, let's bring in our audience.
Blog hops are usually contained to bloggers, 
why not invite our fans and friends,
all those YA Fantasy lovers 
to see what we have to offer.

This can also become a great platform to promote your Work.  You can put your name before the masses by participating in this Event and spreading the word to all Authors of YA Fantasy, as well as the many friends who love reading it. You will introduce yourself and your work in your Blog Post, maybe explain what it is you are hoping to achieve by participating in this will be able to share your social media, your buttons and pages, links, books, etc..and who knows who will see your work and think, wow, this person is exactly who I’ve been looking for.

So here are the Guide Lines, plain and simple.

This Event is for YA Fantasy Fiction Only
For clarity, the YA category is typically for ages 12-18. Some will say 12 and up.  For purposes of this Event we will accept book entries with a protagonist that is 10-24.  However, we do wish to keep the Books aimed at the YA audience.  So a storyline that suits this ideal is what we’re going for here.

Genre’s of:
Fantasy Adventure
Epic Fantasy
Series of Fantasy
Time Travel
(which represents clairvoyance and things of this nature)

There will be no rafflecopter, this Event is about 
people meeting people.  So everyone will leave 
a comment on the Author’s blog (don't forget to leave 
your email to be contacted with your win)
this will gain you an entry to win a 
YA Fantasy Book.  
Random selection, or by whatever means the Author wishes to choose the Winner is up to them.  You can use a random generator or maybe you’ll read a comment from someone that will be so rewarding and personal and decide to honor that entry with the Win...the choice is yours to make.  You are allowed to Giveaway as many copies of your book, or books, ebooks, as you wish. If you have multiple books to offer, than go for it. Remember this isn't about how many people you can ask to follow your blog, this is about YA Fantasy and the people that love it. So it would appear that having at least one book to Gift is important in this Event. So that would bring us to the next Guide Line.

You do not need to be an Author to join our Event, however, if you have a Blog you MUST have a Gift of a Book that fits the category of YA Fantasy, even if your Blog is not dedicated to Books, as long as your entry post does you fit the criteria. Bringing in Friends to join is a good thing, we're looking for our Audience to share our wealth of Fantasy Books..if they have YA’s to spread the word to even better still.  In these cases, they would simply be visiting Blogs to participate in the Event.  Again, we are hoping to reach out to a YA and NA Audience.

And that’s pretty much it.
The Event will run for two full weeks, allowing everyone a chance to visit as many entries as possible, if not all of them.  You are required to post our Logo with a Link to this Introduction Page for people to follow, as well as the Direct Link to the Event post, which will all be explained below.
We plan to make this an Annual Event beginning on the Friday closest to the First Day of Spring...and if all goes well, and the response demands, we will add a second Event to host on the First Day of Autumn and make this a Bi-Annual Global let’s see how far we can take this shall we
and remember, 
Keep the Magic Alive!

I'd like to add a special thx to Liz McKeown at The Creative Writers Boost and Blogs About Writing for all her tremendous efforts to help promote, not only this event, but all the authors she gives attention to through her kind promotions and social media, as well as Stephanie Greenhalgh of A Writers Perspective, who jumped right on board, make sure you visit their blogs during the tour!

If you have any concerns or questions please get in touch with June at
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