Wednesday, March 11, 2015


People are wondering what is happening with the Annual Blog Hop Event that is due this month…and I'm so sorry to have such a delay in getting the word out.   However, with the timing of personal matters in my life, this event will need to be pushed out a bit….it will be here more than likely next month I believe, I simply don't have the exact details to give to you at this present moment.

We're still all about "Keeping the Magic Alive" here at Thornton Berry Shire…so hang in there and the new date for this years YA Fantasy Event will be coming to you soon…I promise!

Until then keep reading YA fantasy and bringing good works of literature to our attention so we can keep getting the word out to the kids…thx again for all your support…June

Last years logo…just for the reminder…will be changed up this year.  I'll have it very soon…thx again.

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