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Okay, so a little behind…cyber communications..geech!  Anyway a three day book review blast of my second book, also including the first one begins…TODAY!  Here's a link to the tour stops.  Make sure you check out the reviews from Lana at Girls heart books on the 28th and especially the 29th…AWESOME review for book two…YAY!

July 29th-
Bookworm For Kids- Spotlight (Review coming on August 11th)
Indy Book Fairy- Spotlight

July 30th-
Relaxed Reads- Spotlight
Write Away Bliss- Spotlight
Kimber Leigh Writes- Spotlight
Accepted Wisdom- Spotlight
My Devotional Thoughts- Book 1

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Meet & Greet Giveaway Hop w/the Social Bloggers

In case you've ever wondered just what that 
Social Blogger button on my sidebar meant but 
never asked, this is it.  I met the "Girls" by chance 
looking for something one day and fell in love with 
the logo.  Then I began to read the main blog and 
voila…I gained a newTribe on Twitter…
VERY fun group to say the least! 
(you'll want to meet the Hussey, great gal).
They actually shut down something on 
the internet when they had a steamy post that 
spread like wild fire and everyone hit on, 
causing things to disappear.  We lost all our 
buttons and photos, it was a hoot!  So here's the 
Blurb about the hop, I'll let you catch up then I 
need to tell you five fun things about me and my
blog…yikes!  Here's a link to the Social Bloggers Blog

Come Meet & Greet your favorite bloggers and find a few new ones to love too! Enter the Grand Prize Giveaway then hop around and visit all of the Social Bloggers and learn some fun facts about them! There will be individual giveaways at some of the blog so don't forget to stop by and say hi!

So here goes nothing.  Five Fun Facts about June and her Blog:

1. I have chickens.  I love my chickens.  They're like shoes to me.  Each one is even more amazing looking than the next and I can't help but get another one.  The last bunch I got this past spring turned out to have not one, but two, roosters instead of hens.  I couldn't keep both, too much for seven hens to handle.  So Mr. Kotter had to find a new home and we kept Elvis, that seems right.

2. I just got married almost a year ago.  Now this might not sound so interesting or unique until I tell you that I was almost 58 at the time and this is my first ever marriage!  So there you have that.  It was wonderful, and yes, I wore a "real" wedding dress (and I intend to wear it again at this years party, so there you have it again).

3.  I actually worked a majority of my adult life as an artist. I did mostly interior design and was the in house artist for a big firm.  Specialty painting, aging things, murals etc.  And canvas painting of course.  My latest series of work is called the Rock Series.  It's large scale black and white realism with bright color in the background…of rock icons. I've pretty much slowed way down on that while I'm deep into writing my YA Fantasy/adventure series.  I've never loved doing anything more than writing.  But I gotta say I was thinking the other day, I really need to do a painting of Robert Plant already..hey when it's in your blood what can you do?

4.  I was a minor background person in a Guns and Roses Video back in the 90's.  And during that same time I was at an actual G&R concert when Keanu Reeves came into the row behind us and he was in his very "Bill and Ted" time back then and everyone was high fiving him, so of course I did the same.  And much to my chagrin instead of slapping my hand back he grabbed my arm and ran his big wet tongue from my wrist to my finger tips…eau!

5.  This blog was built not only to showcase my own work but to bring in quality fantasy for young people.  I love interviewing kids, authors, illustrators, industry, anyone that has something interesting to say about the genre/writing.  My goal is to make this a "go to" blog for YA Fantasy.  And I'm talking about magic, wizards, gnomes, fun adventurous fantasy.  Nothing against vampires, just looking to give the younguns something that makes them dream a little, something to touch their whimsey. I'm just getting started, but I've already met some really lovely and talented people and found some really good books. So anyone who would like to be included let me know.   Enjoy your look around.

If you're interested in an ebook version of either one or both of the first two books in the Benjamin McTish series by all means leave a comment today and I will be happy to gift that to you as my thx for joining in and sharing a bit of yourself as well.  Thx again, June @ PLP.

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The ebook is available on Smashwords here.  The Kindle version will be up and running later today, hopefully and I'll come back and leave that link.  And of course the paperback is available either through us using the buy the book here butterfly link on the sidebar, or through Amazon here.
Getting excited to get some momentum from the release of Book Two…make sure and tell your friends with younger tweens/teens…they will love this series.  Thx for all your support, June @ PLP.

*EDITED JULY 17TH   Here's the Kindle link..FINALLY!!

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Today we're bringing you something a bit different 
in that this is not marketed as a YA novel.  However, 
the premise of the story struck a chord with me and
 I thought I would share it with you.  It is listed as an 
Epic Fantasy/Adventure, Sword/Sorcerer, 
so I believe it could be read by anyone, especially 
given that a Faery is the leading role.
Shawndirea, The Chronicles of Aetheaon, Book One
by Leonard D. Hilley II. 
 A virtual book tour from Bewitching Book Tours.
Today our Author is not only offering a generous 
Giveaway of 5 ebook through Smashwords, but
he has graciously supplied us with a Guest Post on
the topic of writing about Faeries.  So be sure and
enter your name below for a chance to win, and as
always, please leave us a comment so we know
you were herethx for tagging along, PLP.

Shawndirea   Chronicles of Aetheaon Book I
Leonard D. Hilley II
Genre:  Fantasy (Epic, Adventure, Sword/Sorcerer)
Publisher:  DeimosWeb Publishing
Date of Publication: June 27, 2014
ISBN: 9781310304965 
Number of pages: 536 printed pages
Word Count:  148,000

Book Description: 

Often the smallest unexpected surprises garner the most demanding dilemmas, which proves to be the ordeal that entomologist Ben Whytten faces.  While netting butterflies to add to his vast collection, he mistakenly sweeps what he thinks is the most spectacular butterfly he has ever seen into his net.  Upon examining his catch, Ben is horrified to discover he has captured a faery and shredded her delicate wings into useless ribbons.
Devastated, Ben vows to take Shawndirea back to her realm, Aetheaon; but he discovers that doing so places their lives into immediate danger.  To get to Aetheaon, they must pass through a portal rift deep inside the haunted cavern, Devils Den.  
Once they cross the rift, Ben enters a world where mysteries, magic, betrayal, and power struggles await.  He must adapt quickly or die because Aetheaon is filled with enchanted creatures and numerous races where chaos often dominates order.  And since Shawndirea’s destined for the throne of Elvendale, opposing dark forces plot to prevent her from ever reaching her kingdom again.  The faery's magic isn't enough to fully protect them, so he must trust other adventurers to aid them during their journey.
Available at Amazon

Why a Faery for a Series?


Leonard D. Hilley II

First, thanks so much for the opportunity to share with your followers about Shawndirea.

Why a series about a faery?  Truth be told, this adventure was supposed to be a novella backstory for Devils Den that was published almost three years ago.  The events in Shawndirea occur twenty years prior to the setting in Devils DenDevils Den is a novel about a teenage boy who disappears inside a haunted magical cave and ends up in a magical realm on the other side of the Underworld.  Several characters in that novel were from the mystical realm, Aetheaon, and I thought a nice backstory would explain their history for readers.  However, an unexpected change of plans occurred that I did not anticipate.  The characters hijacked the novella, and the next thing that I knew, an epic novel had been written.

How did this happen?

Almost twenty years ago I wrote a novel loosely based on a fantasy realm with these characters, but I was just starting out as a novelist and the book wasn’t working out like I thought it should.  So, I trashed the novel.  Tossed it.  Even though I killed the novel, the characters resided in the back of my mind, silent but yet, maturing.  They were there, and eventually I knew they’d have the opportunity to come to the page, only I didn’t know how much they wanted to tell their stories.

Since I teach full-time at a junior college, my schedule is often hectic.  My advisor from my graduate school had called me one day last year, and I told him that finding time to write was almost impossible.  He replied, “A writer will always find the time to write, regardless.”

That struck home with me.  He was right.  So when November rolled around, I kept hearing about Nanowrimo.  Although I didn’t officially sign up for the challenge, I thought I’d keep a daily count of my words, just to see if I could meet the required word quota.  I think by the end of November, I had 44,000 words.  I didn’t hit the 50,000 mark, but I did get blessed with something else.  I had gotten into a habitual routine where I needed to write every day.  And with the amount I wrote each day, despite my demanding schedule, I knew I could keep doing this.  The characters in Shawndirea insisted that I did.  They kept taking me places and revealing underlying situations I had not expected.

Here’s a secret about my writing.  I never use an outline.  I let my characters interact, and I follow, taking notes and recording their conversations.  Needless to say, this has works wonders for me over the years, especially in my other series.  Another thing is that the scenes come to me like watching a movie.  I feel like I’m standing on the sidelines watching and hearing everything they do.  It’s enthralling to be a bystander and record what they are doing.

The characters in Shawndirea are vivid.  And since most of them are twenty years old, they readily came to life on the page and took the reins.  Characters from other factions—Elves, Dwarves, Wizards, and Vykings—joined the quest to get Shawndirea back to her homeland where she can be healed and her tattered wings renewed.

Shawndirea is the central focus of this novel, but there are other dilemmas within the realm that demand attention and also need to be dealt with.  Her story is the first book in the series, but several more books follow due to pressing issues that need resolved.

There’s the Black Chasm where a dark sorcerer resides and his kingdom magically expands.  He sends out evil minions to kill and destroy.  The City of Hoffnung was overtaken, the Queen killed, but her daughter who is the rightful heir is missing.  Two opposing groups search for her—one that is dead set to kill her, and others who wish to find her and have her claim her rightful place on her mother’s throne.  These situations definitely require novels of their own.  I’m already several chapters into the sequel.

Shawndirea is a magical adventurous journey.  Indeed it has been for me with many revelations along the way.  Here’s hoping that you phenomenal readers will take the journey as well.

Wishing you all my best,
Leonard D. Hilley II

About the Author:           

Leonard D. Hilley II currently lives in the mountains of Kentucky with his wife, Christal.  He is a biologist that has also earned his MFA in creative writing.  Having a passion for books at an early age, he knew he wanted to author his own creative works.  He wrote his first novel at the age of eleven and has never lost his love for books.
Twitter: @Deimosweb Publishing


Yesterday I was doing some work on my Goodreads page and saw that the tally on my reviews had gone up a notch, so I went to investigate.  And there it was a new 5 star review.

Chris Meads is one of the winners from my Goodreads Giveaway this past spring.  The book took longer to go to print than I had initially planned so when Chris contacted me to find out where her book was I obligingly sent her the first book so she could begin reading and get ready for book two.  Well am I  glad I did.   Chris not only gave a review and 5 stars, she gave one of the longest dissertations to date…so it seems she enjoyed the book.  Here's where you can find her review:

When she wrote me back last night to let me know she had indeed received the second book, this is what she had to say to me personally;

I was so happy to receive your book today in the mail. I really liked the first story. I felt I was a part of the story, it was so real. I can't wait to get started with it. Thanks a bunch.

So it would appear Benjamin is still pushing his way into the hearts of Fantasy lovers everywhere….thx for all the support. 
ps. the ebook will be available by the end of this weekyay!


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Just wanted to make certain that anyone who won a copy of book two, Benjamin McTish and the Wizards of Coranim, can rest assure that their books have finally been sent out.   I can't apologize enough for the massive delay in getting this book to print.  Now we're waiting for the ebook which is slated for a July 7th work date, so about a week after that you'll be able to find it on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, all the usual places.
Thx again to my fans and the people that truly support my work here at PLP….have a great holiday weekend everyone..and remember, Keep the Magic Alive!!

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Today we have a Spotlight tour from
Bewitching Book Tours for Author Anyta Sunday 
and her two paranormal books,Veined and Lethed, 
from the Guardian of The Angels Series.
Please enjoy the excerpts from both books.
Anyta is also offering a generous Giveaway 
with this tour.  5 ebook sets and a $15 Giftcard.
So be sure to put your name in the hat below and
follow along with the rest of the tour for more 
chancesenjoy your visit and be sure to leave
us a comment so we know you were herethx, PLP.


“You’re coming with us.” Marcus gave a grunt that said he wouldn’t take no for an answer. “You’ve been hiding in a shell for the last three weeks, and now that you’re out of it, we’re damn well not going to let you crawl back inside.” He flashed me a large smile. “And another thing, not to be judgmental or anything,” he paused, “actually, fuck being PC, totally to be judgmental, you have got to liven up that closet of yours. You’ve been wearing that blue T-shirt three days in a row. Maddy? Did you bring the spare?”
I took a step back and rested my nose against my shoulder, trying to sniff without being too obvious. Gosh. How did I still have friends smelling like I did? I had new respect for anyone who stood or sat within a ten-foot radius of me.
Maddy handed me a lovely green top, trimmed with a floral lace. “There you go, Sylva. And wear your hair out. It’s so lovely when it falls over your shoulders.” She let out a sigh. “I wish I had long wavy red hair.”
Marcus ruffled Maddy’s hair. “You always want what you don’t have. But you suit your short dark hair.” He faced me. “Now go change.”
I undid my hair as Maddy suggested, the dark green top complementing it nicely. With a touch of eyeliner and a brush through my greasy hair, I was ready, and rather than the hefferlump I’d been the past three weeks, I felt nice. A pity Jason had to work, though it would be nice just hanging with friends.
When I came out of the girl’s lavatory Maddy hugged me. “Much better.”
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Where you can peck to your heart’s content, little Lark.” The answer came from behind me and I jumped. I twisted and my hair followed after me, tumbling over my left shoulder. Attic’s blue eyes met mine. He grinned.
He knows about my mark. I pushed the thought away. I wouldn’t let it affect me. Not today. I needed to relish the fact I was back.
I forced myself to smile, to look at him without questions popping into my head. Casually, I checked out today’s adornment. Laura’s caramel skin and dark hair combined with her long legs made her model material. She was also one of the smartest girls in the senior class. Although she was on par with Attic in terms of looks—even more so since Attic’s hair was the same shade today—I would have deemed her too smart to involve herself with him.
“Laura, I’m not sure your friends are doing their job. If they had, they would have warned you about him.” My gaze landed heavily on Attic.
He shook his head and chuckled. “It’s good to see your tongue wasn’t damaged.” I poked my tongue at him and he laughed harder. “And to answer your earlier question, we’re going to the steakhouse.”
My tummy rumbled. Attic winked and, not wanting him to see my face redden, I turned and linked arms with Maddy. “Let’s go then.”
The idea of fries and steak made my mouth water. I had a feeling I was about to make up for my lack of appetite in a big way.
“Marcus,” I hissed under my breath as we piled into Attic’s Porsche. “Why are we even going with them?” I motioned to Attic and Laura. The idea of crashing their date didn’t settle well with me. I’d been trying hard not to think about the strange happenings of my life, but seeing him and talking to him made that impossible. Ideally, I didn’t want to be around Attic again until he gave me answers. Yet, a small part of me wanted to be around him today. What was that about?
Marcus looked at me blankly, like I’d asked him what two plus two equaled. But I really didn’t understand it. He rolled his eyes and whispered in my ear. “If the guy of your dreams asks if you want to grab a bite with friends, you go. We just got chatting today, and he suggested we all go out. He’s too hot to say no to.” He drew away and then came back. “He kept asking about you, though. As sad as it makes me, I think he may have a thing for you.”
The seatbelt whipped against me as Attic hit the brakes. When I looked up to comment on his reversing, my breath caught. He stared straight at me in the rearview mirror, a little golden angel figure swinging madly from it. As soon as our eyes met, he looked away. “It’s darn near impossible to see past your heads,” he muttered, and put the gear in drive.


I walked to the door and knocked. When no one answered a second time, my vein hummed. Something wasn’t right.
I breathed in slow and deep.
A shudder rolled through me. How did I not sense it before now? Was I desensitized to the smell of blood already?
The thought chilled me, and I yanked the door handle, ready to boulder my way inside and help the Guardian if he needed it. It swung in easily. A bit too easily, and I toppled gracelessly into the room, just catching myself before face-planting into the carpet.
In that stumbling moment, the whole scene flashed before me. Across the room, sprawled on the twin bed was a corpse. A Guardian corpse. His neck had been sliced and his blood pooled over the white pillow and sheets.
A demon dressed in black from his boots to his gloves bent over the body, searching the inside of the Guardian’s jacket. His head jerked up as I entered and brilliant blue eyes snapped to mine. Beautiful and cold.
“Get your hands off of him.” I emphasized my words by shooting lightning at him.
He cursed and moved before it smashed into his chest but I aimed another at him. He disappeared for a second, reappearing to my right.
I’d never seen a demon do that before. “What are you? Keres?” I whipped out a knife from my boot, swallowing a sudden lump of fear—it wouldn’t do well for him to smell that. I hoped he was just a Keres or I was so screwed.
Why hadn’t I waited for Alyse?
Because you thought you had a fleeting chance to save someone.
But dammit, he was already dead. Looked like I’d just missed helping him.
“Keres?” The guy paused a moment, his lip curled up on one side. I took my advantage and swung the blade like Alyse had taught me in trainings. I almost hit him too, but his speed once again defied anything I’d ever seen a demon do. The only damage I inflicted on him was a slice to one of his gloves.
He swore again. “Put that bloody knife down.”
“Are you delusional? You think I’d follow orders from you?” I lunged to stab his heart but he vanished.
“You would if you knew what was good for you,” the demon said from across the room. “And Keres? Seriously? How new are you?”
As if I represented the threat level of a gnat, he stood with his back to me, searching the small desk in the corner of the room. Yanking out drawers, he pilfered through them. “They couldn’t have taken it,” he muttered. “Maybe Dylan . . .”
I quietly aimed another bolt at him but he casually side-stepped, letting the desk take the impact.
The desk, paper, pens and glass exploded, and shards of wood burst in all directions. Something stung my neck—a splinter, I guessed. I hoped the explosion impaled the demon with wood but he just looked pissed. “Look, Chestnut, could we have this little brawl you’re so intent on having after I find what I’m looking for?”
“What is this?” I stammered, thrown off by the demon’s laid-back attitude. “Of course not. I don’t negotiate with devil spawn.”
He laughed. “I really need to keep looking. Any other time, a duel would be welcomed.”
Unhitching my throwing knives, I launched them. One sailed past his ear, the other he caught by the hilt. He threw it back at me, but it hit the wall above the door a good few feet away.
“Leave the knife throwing to me,” Alyse said as she entered the room.
At first I thought she was talking to me and preparing to kill the demon herself. But she didn’t go for her knives. Instead, she smiled. “Long time no see, friend.”
He looked from her to the knife to me. He said, “I’d have destroyed her if I wanted. I didn’t.” He tilted his head to the side as if pondering his decision. “I was close to changing my mind, though.”
Friend? Friend? Alyse’s words crashed through my head. Why would Alyse—oh crap. Was that demon a Guardian?
I must have spoken my last thought aloud—that, or I hadn’t shielded my thoughts—because Alyse groaned.
“That’s the demon,” the friend said, pointing to the man on the bed. “Not me.” . . .

Author Links and Bio

A born and raised New Zealander, Anyta Sunday has been exploring the literary world since she started reading Roald Dahl as a kid. Inspired, stories have been piling up in her head ever since. Fast forward to her mid-twenties and jump a few countries (Germany, America, and back again), and she started putting pen to paper. When she’s not writing or chasing her kid around, she’s reading, hiking, watching a Joss Whedon series, attempting pilates, or curling up with her two cats. Updates on her projects can be found at


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