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Today we are returning to an author who gave us an article about Faeries and Sidhe…which by the way has had more visits than most anything we've put on this blog…people were showing up from twitter to check it maybe you should go with the flow and check it out for yourself, as we've invited her back to introduce her book Dark Moon Gates, the first book in the Witches' Gates Saga.

After reading about the book here, please hit the link to take you to her article in case you've missed it..and read more about Lionrhod as well…thx for stopping by…enjoy this interesting work.

YA/NA Paranormal Fantasy
pages: 296
Author & publisher: Lionrhod

Willa, high school Junior and witch-in-training has a problem. No, not the ordinary problem of being a lonely, geekish misfit, though sure, she can add that to her list. And not the problem that she's got a crush on a delicious and evasive lord of Faery, and her mom's got the hots for him too. That's the easy stuff.

Teachers at her school are disappearing. The substitutes are faery Sidhe in disguise, and they're trying to uncover the identity of the child who will, according to prophecy, open the Gates to Faery. That kid happens to be Willa's 3-year old brother Arrie.

Since opening the Gates means the humans will invade and ravage the realm of Faery, the Sidhe plot to sacrifice Arrie at the dark moon, two weeks away. If they manage to do it, the Gates will close forever and the human world will perish for lack of magic. They haven't discovered Arrie's identity yet. They're narrowing down fast.

Then there's that pesky detail in the prophecy: Willa will be struck blind if she manages to stop Arrie's sacrifice.

here's some of what you can read about the making of this book from Lionrhod's article….

Dark Moon Gates was born out of a dream. In one part, insect-bodied faeries were staring in at me through the window, their eyes glowing like huge jewels. Later in the dream, I found myself running through a park. My younger brother was cuffed to a shopping cart and I was trying to wheel him to safety. Yet another part of the dream introduced me to Willa and the fact that prophecy said she would be blinded attempting to save her brother.

I tend to work on several projects at once, and at the time, was focused on writing the first edition of Spellcraft Secrets. I wrote the first few chapters about Willa and brought them out to polish on occasion, but was stumped by how--and if--she would manage to save Arrie without being blinded.
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