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Today we have a really insightful and fun interview from NA Paranormal Romance Author Rebecca Boucher.  Her studies in Criminal Justice combined with her deep inspiration from living in a little town in Massachusetts built a solid foundation to write upon.  Add to that her love of reading, instilled by her father, and, well, you get the idea…Becca, as she is known by her friends, has all the makings of a truly talented author.  Her debut novel is garnering some great reviews…so hit the links below and enjoy meeting Rebecca Boucher.

ps. TO ALL YOU FAERIE HOPPERS OUT THERE…I just found out that the end of the book is a showdown between Faeries and Angels…! who doesn't love this kind of battle!

  • Print Length: 194 pages
  • Publisher: Write More Publications; first edition (December 10, 2013)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00H9P7XW2

  • Our Interview

           1.  So did you come up with the idea of the ghost of a murdered husband linked in with Celtic lore?

    Well I didn’t at first. When I started the book Daemon was supposed to be the bad guy, but he had other ideas. Then I had to figure out a unique reason why this ghost was so stuck between worlds. I have always been fascinated by Celtic tales, and fairies, and Ireland, and I had just started learning about Wicca. So I said why not? I think I have combined so many elements, it certainly makes it original. 

             2.  I understand you have a degree in criminal justice...did this background assist you in the writing of this paranormal romance?

    Absolutely! I think that’s why I started with a murder. It’s something I have a connection with. Along with nutrition and long term care centers. I also have a certificate in nutrition and worked in that field for sixteen years. So I really tapped into all my life experience for this one. 

               3.   Are your characters purely fictional...or do they have bits and pieces of you or others you know?
    Each character reminds me of someone. Though they are not totally based on real people, I had people in mind. Lol, Doesn’t every writer. And I have to say there is a lot of Lilly in me. I started this book at a transition period in my life when a lot of things were falling apart. So Lilly got the brunt of that.

    4.   Once you established your characters, was it an easy dialog for you to write?  Meaning, did they become “real” for you while you wrote them? Did the flow of the story simply unfold?

    It did. I’m not a planner per say. I develop the characters, but I don’t outline the story. I let the characters drive the story. I think it comes across as really authentic that way. Kevin for instance. He says some goofy things. And I had a lot of fun writing him. And Kat became so much of a character in my mind she is getting her own book.

    5.  What kind of response have you been getting from readers?

               I have been honestly brought to tears by the response. I can’t believe it is getting five star reviews on Amazon, and    even the readers who contact me personally with their reactions have just floored me. I really wasn’t expecting people to like it as much as they are. 

    6.  What do you hope to accomplish from this journey?

    I have always loved to write. And along that lines I have always said it doesn’t matter to me if I get rich, or have a following, I just want someone, somewhere, to read what I have written. I hope readers see all the emotion and pain that goes into a story, and connect with it. I guess I would say I hope to accomplish hitting the NYT best seller list once in my life. Lol

    7.  And finally, your dedication which reads, “This book is dedicated to everyone who believes that there is something else out there.  Never stop believing in the magic around you...”, which completely caught my attention...I’m all about the magic, however, what does this mean for you?

    Magic to me is anything that gives you faith and hope. My dad was a big influence in that department. He read and researched magic, and spirit guides, and ghosts. Told me my first ghost stories, and told me that we are not alone in this universe. I think we all use magic in some way when we try to reach our goals. To me magic is all around us, tapping into it, and the way it manifests, is different to each and every one of us. But it’s there if we look for it. So not magic in the traditional sense, but maybe magic in the spiritual sense. 

    Rebecca Boucher was born and raised in Worcester Massachusetts. Her father instilled an early love of reading in her and encouraged her when she started to write. Rebecca earned a degree in Criminal Justice from Quinsigamond Community College, but her love has always been writing. After the birth of her first child, she moved to a quiet little town on the edge of Worcester County, in the heart of Central Massachusetts. Living there has inspired her to write most of her current projects. In fact, readers might recognize some of her locations. Currently, Rebecca is a freelance writer and blogger. Her first novel is Hunting the Moon (The Moon Series). Rebecca is also the Write More Publications blog tour coordinator and an avid Beta reader. When she is not writing, Rebecca is the mother of two boys, ages 10 and 13. Her youngest son was diagnosed in the Autism spectrum, and a lot of her volunteer time is spent raising awareness and promoting education for that cause.



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