Saturday, September 22, 2012


Right now I'm in the process of really making certain that the new book layout, rewrites, editing, and book cover,  is as perfect as I can make it.  Then I'm moving forward on my own.  I'm becoming a book publisher!

Yes, that's what I said, a book publisher.

I've researched and read and discussed and have determined that since no one else is interested in publishing my book at present, and the subsidiary companies really rake you over the coals...enough is enough!
Lucky for me I found out in time, that through these companies you receive an ISBN number...which is the bar code on the back of all books that are published and sold...and in turn, they end up with all the publisher rights...owning a majority of your book!

There is one legitimate company that sells ISBN numbers for publisher, authors, etc that gives you the complete right to your book, period.   And through this method I would purchase my number as the publisher.

So this got me to thinking.  These companies can't do anything more than I can in regards to promoting, as it turns out.  So why not just do it myself!   The industry has changed dramatically within the "brick and mortar" venue...everything is electronic these days.  Book stores are closing and Amazon is king.

Then I thought, well, how would that be for me to help other people publish as can I make this work and not have it take away time from writing my own series?

So Ray and I are working through some ideas and I'll keep you updated as to where and how we plan to move forward as book publishers....that's right, I said book publishers!

Keep you in the loop as things manifest....thx for all your support...june

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