Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So update, I'm in the process of printing the book.  I took out the post that had a couple of chapters because I've made changes to the story.

In the meantime, I've been working on finding an agent/publisher.  It's not an easy task.  It appears it all settles on to the perfect query letter, just to get their attention in the first place.  Unfortunately for me, it took a year to figure out the perfect letter, but I think I've finally finalized one.  So hopefully the new queries I send out will make a difference and catch the right person's eye.

In the meantime, again, I am working with our local book shop, The Bookshop Santa Cruz, on printing the book.  They have a program that allows me to print on demand in minutes, without costing thousands of dollars.  They also provide promotion deals which include a featured spot in the store, a book reading, website space, etc.   So I've decided to move forward with this for now and see where it leads me.

I just want this book out there already!   It's a good read and has something to say.

The second book is in the works and is flowing even better than the first in suspense and twists and turns...I'm SUPER pleased!

So just wanted to give an update.  Plus I wanted to include a couple photos of the near finished Annabel and Pips.  OH! and I've decided to change the cover of the book to not include Benjamin's head anymore...it's about the tree and the goggles just don't make sense with this book, he uses them in the second..soooo...changes...but soon come, I promise.

I believe I'm going to do some kind of special deal where the first thirty people who purchase a book get a free Mathilda tee with that...or something, a poster perhaps...we'll see...but it will be something fun!

Thx for all your support, xox june

Annabel and Pips standing on the Aeroquatic...
still needs a name!

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