Monday, February 22, 2016


It's getting closer...the long awaited third book is due next month!!  Can't wait to have this one was a long process this time around...but it's finally here and ready to rock!  So let me introduce the third book in the Benjamin McTish Series....ta dah!

ps. I'm including the synopsis, so you may want to skip that if you haven't read the first two books...don't want any spoilers to ruin it for you.

The McTish family is literally spilling open at the seams with Secrets.

Beginning with Owen and Emmagene, and a long held secret, that will  shock the status quo in monumental proportions  How will this revelation change the Gilley, and more importantly, how will it affect the Queen if she learns of the 55 year charade?

The Shire Clans are gathering forces for the battle of their lives, with the support of none other than the powerful White Sage, Esmerelda Fet, who may finally have her day with Tar Vigorn.  And just how much danger are the Vila in?  Can the secret they’ve held for centuries remain in tact?

In Pancilet, Mathilda is given a mysterious directive from an even more mysterious Wizard, that will lead her on a quest of a lifetime…to the Secret Undersea Gnome City of Rendahl.   Her new friends grant her insight into some of the oldest secrets in Coranim…any beyond.   While her sister, Annabel, accompanied by Pips, have ventured in the opposite direction and gone as far north as possible…north as in up that is… to the top of the Blue Peak Mountains and the Gnome City of Rowen.   There they witness some of the most outrageous flying contraptions ever imagined, filling the skies.  However, their excitement is short lived, as the toxic gas that has been infiltrating the Javerah has now presented it’s origin.  It becomes a full out battle against time and the complete destruction of the magical world beneath the Gilley Forest.  Can all the Scientist and Kor clans rectify this calamity, or is Coranim in it’s final days of existence?

Meanwhile, Benjamin learns more about the depth of his magical abilities, as he and Locke cast some spectacular spells.  Along with Gwyneth, they travel the beaches to ascertain just how far the deterioration journeys up the coast of the Aurorus.  Their search ends when they walk straight into another McTish secret that has long been held in check.  Bursting to the fore front in one of the most climatic scenes yet, mysteries are being revealed…and it all takes place in the Hidden Caverns of Bristonbel. 

So many Secrets for one small family and their close group of friends.  However, there is a clue to one secret that can be revealed to you at this time, dear reader, and that it this…Where there is a will, there is a way, and so it goes to assume, if there is a secret entrance into Coranim, than can it truly be safe when it comes to the devious tenacity of Tar Vigorn?  Will the Dark Queen prevail?  And who must die in order for her to win?

So let’s pick up where last we left…Owen McTish and the Brownie are heading back to their home in the Gilley Forest and a plethora of Secrets begin to unravel with the reappearance of a Bucklersman named Baldufore….

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