Sunday, January 17, 2016


After much consideration, I have decided to commit to Thornton Berry Shire Press as it's own entity.  In doing so the URL will be changed from benjaminmctish.blogspot to thorntonberryshire.blogspot.  In which case my McTish Blog will carry this old URL..which makes so much more sense now.

When I began this blog it was strictly to promote my YA/Adventure Series, Benjamin McTish...however, the joy I have when it comes to promoting other authors and works for YA fantasy/et al,  has created a blog that has become something bigger than I had the URL needs to reflect this commitment.

Make any changes necessary in your bookmarks and such so you have no issue returning to Thornton Berry Shire Press.  I will give it a little time for everyone to catch up before making this change..just wanted to give you a heads up..thx for your support, June

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