Monday, June 29, 2015


As promised, my review of Aegis Incursion.

Okay, so I did not read the first book. I was told this could be read as a stand alone book, and they weren't kidding. Absolutely no mis-step in getting into the story whatsoever.

Wow! What an incredibly imaginative story…very scientific in theory, I'm wondering if the author has some kind of background in physics or something? If not, she surly did her research, just the little nanomites alone are something else. And then of course there's all the supernatural excitement included, so this makes for a really fun read.

The book is fast paced and a challenge to put down once you get rolling, very easy to follow along with the story, no confusions, yay. Very visual, super action packed! The main characters, the kids, are wonderfully crafted individuals, great distinctive personalities…they are believable and enjoyable to picture…even if they are modern day super-heros! Like I said, I believed their stories…very well done.

The one thing that bugged me, and this is me being me, is in the beginning the author would use the term, "the five" incessantly…literally, several times in a paragraph. Even when it was obvious that no one else was involved in the scene but the teens, she would say  "the five". Instead of saying, "they all walked outside", it was always, the five walked outside, the five sat down, the five looked at each other. It really annoyed me for a while, then it seemed to diminish as the story went on..thank goodness. So unless I'm unaware of the fact that they are known as  "the Five",  like the X-Men or something, and I missed this "title"..then of course I apologize and take it all back…otherwise it just bugged me for a while…and if I'm being totally honest, a couple of the  "other-worldy" names were very difficult to pronounce and sometimes slowed me down when I was on a roll, attempting to figure out how to hear their names in my head. However, this did not bother to the detriment of the story in the least.

Needless to say, I'm absolutely eager to get to the next installment to see where our heroes end up…oh! and it looks like I'll go back and read the first book in the series to get the actual background of the story…however, that's just for something else to read, not because it's necessary to enjoy this book. Well done SS Segran!


  1. Thank you June, for sharing your thoughts on Aegis Incursion. Love your review!

  2. oh I'm glad…I always get worried when I have a comment about something that is in the least critical…especially when the book was so much fun. I just think it's important if something bugs me to say so…thx for understanding and seeing all the good stuff first and foremost! I can't wait to read the next one!