Friday, April 24, 2015


A YA anthology that's Alice-in-Wonderland inspired featuring 
stories by 13 different authors hailing from 3 different countries.

Curiosity often leads to trouble...

Thirteen powerful voices in young adult fiction invite you to journey into startling new Wonderlands in this nod to the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s timeless character, ALICE. 

Mystery. Madness. Mayhem. Each story in this collection will intrigue, bewitch, and enchant. Through rich historicals, castles and keeps, wild wormholes, secret workshops, deadly plagues, and gritty urban explorations, we present new tales of Alice and her white rabbit. 

Whether an intrepid reporter, a would-be car thief, or the last human in a world ruled by machines, at the heart of each story Alice is a girl discovering who she really is in worlds that never fail to surprise.

What wonders await, oh curious reader? Leap down the rabbit hole and discover the truth..

I'm super excited to tell you about our upcoming event here at Thornton Berry Shire.  New owner of Leap Books Publishing, Shannon Delany, along with her co-publisher, and original owner, Judith Graves, take on a classic in this re-telling of Alice and the White Rabbit.  The book is remarkable and will grab your attention the moment you pick it up.  (review coming Wed. April 29th)

Beginning Monday, May 4th, we will post daily interviews from the authors, giving you an in-depth take on this childhood favorite.  The event will close out on Monday, May 11th with a GiveAway.  The rafflecopter will instruct you on how to enter to win either a print or ebook version of this terrific book...that will soon become a classic in it's own right.  Young or old, you'll want to add this to your library…I promise.

Here's a link to their GR's page   See you Monday the 4th!   And spread the word….thx!

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  1. I'll be posting a link on my blog Monday. What a beautiful site you have here.