Monday, May 26, 2014


Today I received an email from Nicola in the UK, explaining that she really enjoyed Benjamin McTish and the Door Through the Grandfather Tree and was wondering when book two, Benjamin McTish and The Wizards of Coranim would be available on Amazon, as she has not seen it yet.

Well after I got over the fact that I had such a devout fan across the pond, I wrote her immediately and explained what I'm about to share with you.  I  figure other people are wondering the same, and since I'm very behind on that original release date here's the update status on Book Two.

I've just finished with hopefully the last proof, I will receive the copy this week and if all goes well we will be up and running and available on Amazon next week.  If there is a glitch, and the only one I can think may be possible is the inside map…having issues with that in a few ways…really hoping to keep it in, however, if I can't get this square this week I'm going to take it out and the book release should stay right on track for the following week.  The map is on the back cover, so at least you'll be able to look it over and get a better view and understanding of Coranim.  I think I'll include it here today just for fun.

It will take another week to get the ebook version set up in all the formats and venues for ebooks, so keep that in mind.

I'm beginning a new three day tour with Mel over at Girls Heart Books in a month I believe, so will keep you up to date on that as well.  We are revisiting several reviewers of the first book to review this second book.  I also have two or three coming from some reviewers from another tour I did, those should begin fairly soon.

Having said all this, I'm off to begin Chapter One of Book Three, Benjamin McTish and the Hidden Caverns of Bristonbel.

Thx for all your support and I hope you all enjoy this new book as much as I did writing it…it's really bumped up a notch in action and excitement, so I can't wait to hear what you think.

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