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Seventeen-year-old high school transfer student Eve Carson is the genetic cure-all for droolworthy Teluosian alien King, Adam Plain.

As Adam tries to convince Eve he wants her and not just her DNA, Eve discovers a hidden world of interstellar traders, human "genetic cows," and teen abductions by a government that will do anything to control the Teluosians on Earth.

When Eve's mom is kidnapped, loyalties are tested. Is Eve Adam's true love or his next "genetic cow?"


EXCERPTS (Your Exclusive Excerpt):

We sat at the table in silence. Then she looked up from her coffee and stroked my cheek. "Baby girl, dream big. Just be careful. Adam has already been around the block. He’s got that look about him."

I clamped my mouth shut and blinked.

Momma forged on. "Don't do that I can't believe my momma mentioned that to me look, because I did. There's only going to be one virgin on this date. At least, I hope you are, and if you're not, don't tell me. My heart can't take it."

I laughed. "Thanks for the warning, but Adam and I are polite enemies."

Momma looked over my clothes. "This is how you dress for enemies?"

"He needs a little humbling."

"Ahh." Momma nodded.

"What does that mean?"

"It means what it means."

I looked at the clock. It was seven-fifty-five. "We'll be at Central Park so you don't have to worry."

Momma put her coffee cup on the table. "If you believe that then maybe I should be worried. I've never met a good looking boy who couldn't improvise when he needed to."

I picked up her cup and took it to the sink to wash out. Come on, Adam, don't be like other guys who come late so they don't have to wait.

I turned and my mother had already started talking. "You know, Eve—"

She was interrupted by the doorbell and in that moment Adam was a god. I looked at the clock. It was seven-fifty-eight. If he had waited another two minutes we would have been too far into the warning conversation against the evil of gorgeous boys to get back out.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Toni Edge is a former juvenile delinquent and honorary member of the truancy club. Now, she likes to teach teens who remind her of herself. She also likes to read everything, a habit she picked up during her truancy days. For all the rest of her free time she likes to write young adult paranormal/science fiction stories that would have made her teen years so much clearer, if the stories had been true.

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