Thursday, April 25, 2013


I'm currently working towards promoting my book...the first one in the series of Benjamin McTish.  It seems that I may have misled people into believing this story is just for young adults...NOT the case.  If this book were out there and I didn't know that it was written for us old folks who enjoy a good fantasy/adventure, I would be sad to miss out on this experience.  So I'm revamping my approach and getting things going to get the ebook out and set up on Amazon...and other places.

The main thing I wanted to make clear is that the illustrations are very much for the young at heart...these are not a direct depiction of the characters and the story...they are merely a catalyst for my inspiration to write the story in the first place.  So keep an open mind and remember that if it's adventure, magic, suspense, and a bit of a Spiritual upliftment that you are seeking...and just pure entertainment...Benjamin is your story.

So keep an eye out for all the changes coming forth...Benjamin will have his own facebook and twitter to go along with his blog....keep you posted for all upcoming specials and books....thx again for your tremendous support!

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